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5 Places in the OKC Metro to Hide During the Zombie Apocalypse

12:08 PM EST on November 30, 2020

It's no secret I'm a horror movie fiend, and last weekend I was scratching that itch by watching the remake of 'Dawn of the Dead.' With us being in a pandemic, and a surely infectious, zombie-creating vaccine around the corner, it was a pretty relatable movie. The characters are stuck inside with nothing to do because they're surrounded by hordes of contagious monsters on the outside.

What really struck me was the name of the setting: Crossroads Mall.

That brought me back to my adolescent scheming fantasies when my friends and I were mall rats and constantly figured out our gameplan to inhabit that mall when the eventual zombie infestation happened. With the way the world is going, there's no telling if COVID mutates and turns everyone into bloodthirsty undead, so it's time to figure out where the best places to go are.


Plaza Mayor

This is the obvious one since it used to be Crossroads Mall. It's been closed for a few years, so there's no danger of zombie shoppers lurking in the old Dillards waiting to eat your brains. As a bonus, you'll get to live out your Dawn of the Dead fantasy in the most accurate fashion.


Oklahoma City Zoo

There's a lot of benefits to being at the zoo during a zombie apocalypse. There's animals for your entertainment. There's animals there for your consumption as well. Hungry? Barbeque zebra, baby! You could even try to train some of them to be attack animals. If you need to leave, you can ride that hippo into the battlefield. Also, it's impenetrable. It's difficult enough getting through those giant metal turnstiles as a living human, they would baffle the undead.



Kickapoo Casino

This one is in Harrah, so it's a bit of a drive, but would be safer than any of the larger casinos. Nobody in their right mind is gonna panic and decide to move to Harrah. Since you'll have nothing else to do, nobody can judge your gambling addiction. And the soft serve is free!


State Fairgrounds

This one would be trickier because you'd have to fence in the perimeter to keep out the zombies. But do you know who could help you with that? All of the gun show people who get the exact same idea. If you can forge an alliance with them, you'd get to enjoy a massive compound and access to unlimited ammo and your very own horse stall in the ag building.



Mary's Swap Meet

If there's anyone I'd trust in the metro to keep me safe during an invasion of the undead, it would be flea market folks, specifically the ones at Mary's. These people have been prepping for doomsday their whole lives and know how to get by with little resources. They sell live chickens and have been buying and selling weird but useful items for years. It would be like Barter Town, the most powerful clan in OKC.

Those are just a few options, where would you try to hole up?

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