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Aaron Brilbeck “let go” by News 9…

10:45 AM EST on November 16, 2020

We've learned that Aaron Brilbeck – the beefcakey reporter for KWTV News 9 who achieved international fame due to a cameo in Tiger King – has announced that he's been "let go" from the Oklahoma City news channel.

As opposed to the standard OKC TV news departures – expired contract, budget cuts, appearing intoxicated during a broadcast, etc. – Brilbeck was apparently fired over the always vague and intriguing "philosophical differences."

Here's how he explained the situation on Facebook:

That's interesting. News 9 is a conservative news organization that uses its chopper to help police profile protestors. Aaron, on the other hand, is a news reporter who rides motorcycles, drinks Muscle Milk, and occasionally masquerades as a volunteer vigilante. Knowing all that, you'd think their news philosophies would be pretty well aligned. My guess is News 9 wanted Brilbeck to, once again, inadvertently reveal who Oklahoma politicians voted for on election day, and he nobly refused. Or maybe it was the other way around. Who knows.

Either way, that sucks for Aaron. Although we had a Twitter spat when he didn't give us credit on that story about the Oklahoma House candidate who listed a porn receipt on his ethics report, I thought he did a decent job covering the capitol over the last couple of years, and did a hell of a job dodging tear gas and flashbangs with local news commando Storme Jones during their protest coverage back in May and June.

Anyway, I don't know what Aaron's plans are, but if it doesn't involve partnering up with Steve Shaw to create a local private eye firm that investigates and solves local mysteries, he's doing it wrong. Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? They could even spin it into a reality show called "Brillz and Shaw." Who wouldn't watch?

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