Echols said legislative leaders found out about a second legislator’s positive test Thursday.

That representative, Tammy Townley, R-Ardmore, did not have a mask on for at least a portion of the ceremonial swearing-in.

“I tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies this summer and for that reason had zero reason to believe I was a transmission risk this week,” she said in a written statement. “That is why it is so surprising I tested positive again after the oath ceremony. I am asymptomatic, feel fine and only took a test because it was required for an event I planned to attend Thursday.”

In all fairness to Townley, you can't blame her for her stupid assumption. It's not like health professionals say you should still wear a mask and practice social distancing even if you've had Covid, or that's there's been thousands and thousands of documented reports about people catching Covid twice.

In fact, let's hope her test was a false positive! The last thing we would want is her blatant and selfish disregard for public safety measures to infect this elderly veteran and war hero she honored on Tuesday:

Not surprisingly, Democratic lawmakers who were at the Capitol event found out about the Covid cases via Twitter. They made sure to let people know that:

Uhm, isn't that's kind of the point of Twitter? You find out about news and information in real-time as it's happening, and not just when then people in charge who would prefer that stuff like this stays covered up wants you to know about it.