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For some reason Kendra Horn stopped by The Lost Ogle Show!

As part of her recent "Please Vote For Me!" Oklahoma media tour, we were honored and happy to welcome Kendra Horn – the representative for Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District, and the lone woman / Democrat / Facebook Friend of Patrick serving in our state's congressional delegation – for a recording of The Lost Ogle Show podcast!

We spent the first part of the podcast catching up, and reminiscing about the time Kendra and I partied at a Chickasha karaoke bar following a roast of Joe Dorman. We then discussed other topics that people care about like healthcare, education, and more healthcare. I also got to complain about issues that are important to me, like breaking up the tech monopolies that are putting obscure local social blogs like ours out of business, and how we get more stimulus finds to trickle down to the all-important bar trivia industry that was totally wiped out by the pandemic.

Give it a listen!

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