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Not Satire – Kevin Stitt creates “Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation and Excellence”

Fresh off another White House Coronavirus Task Force report that shows how poorly Oklahoma has handled the pandemic, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced yesterday with a semi-straight face that he's creating something called "The Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation & Excellence."

Here's the video announcement. I think it was produced by the same PR firm that helps North Korea with its propaganda:

Yep, that's right! The Governor who has brushed-off the pandemic since it's onset – and routinely flaunted basic guidelines to prevent it's spread – is now creating a Pandemic Center for Innovation & Excellence! Great stuff, huh? While he's at it, he should also launch the Oklahoma Acadamy for Irony.

Seriously, WTF? I know this sounds like a swell idea and everything, but you'd think our state would be focusing on the little things first – like implementing a statewide mask mandate for public spaces and/or improved contact tracing – before jumping on this project. That's what the future employees at this "Center For Excellence" would recommend, right?

Actually, I'm just joking around. We know Stitt wouldn't focus on those "little things" because he doesn't care about those little things. He just has to occasionally save a little face and make people think he's actually doing something to address the pandemic (does the "Open Up And Recover Safely Plan" ring a bell) when we know he isn't. This "Center for Innovation & Excellence" is a perfect front for that.

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