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OKC Chamber releases cringy, overly-cheery pro-mask video…

I'm starting to think those anti-maskers may be on to something.

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor McSelfie shared the following video on Twitter. It's part of an OKC Chamber-produced public health campaign that, I think, is supposed to convince us that wearing an uncomfortable mask on your face that itches your skin and fogs your glasses is a fun and cool thing to do.

Check it out:

Yeah, that's pretty bad, but it's also par for the course for OKC Chamber stuff. Does anyone remember this?

See, it could always be worse!

Anyway, I'm not going to shit on the mask video too much. For one, I'm acquainted with way too many people in the video. Two, we're in a pandemic, so production options are limited. And three, the message to wear a mask is good... even if it's presented in the most annoyingly chirpy way possible.

That being said, we shouldn't be surprised the video sucks. According to the Ogle Mole Network, the commercial was apparently created by Ackerman McQueen. That makes total sense. They specialize in right-wing gun nut propaganda – or at least they did. Creating important and effective public health campaigns is probably not in their wheelhouse, so we shouldn't be surprised they did a sucky job.

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