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Bice trumps Neese…

5:01 AM EDT on August 26, 2020

It's finally over!

Last night, "Craft Beer Mom" Stephanie Bice eked out a narrow victory over "Grandma with a Gun" Terry Neese in the dogged, relentless and incredibly annoying GOP runoff for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.

Here are the details via KFOR:

State Senator Stephanie Bice has defeated Terry Neese in the Republican runoff race for the Oklahoma District 5 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Neese conceded the race and called Bice to congratulate her.

Bice won 27,396 votes (53 percent) to Neese’s 24,366 votes (47 percent).

I didn't really care who won this race, but as I mentioned on Twitter, I was kinda-sorta pulling for Neese. She offered better clickbait material, and despite her bizarre views, at least she was an authentic crazy and you knew where she stood on things. Bice is just another boring, corporate conservative establishment candidate. Whether it's drinking a triple-hopped IPA to appeal to voters with beards, or chanting "Build That Wall" to go after voters without teeth, she'll say and do whatever her pollsters, consultants and other handlers tell her to say to get votes. Basically, she's a lot like Kendra Horn. Zing!

Anyway, I guess that's where we are now – Bice vs Horn, which is exactly what I predicted back in 2018. It will likely be another expensive, contentious, extremely negative race that will hopefully produce a lot of material for us. It will be interesting to see where voters go on it. Right now, Kendra has the campaign war chest, incumbency, and anti-Trump vote, but Stephanie has the all-important 'R' by her name. If you put Terry Neese's gun to my head and made me pick a winner today, I'd go with the alleged upset and choose Bice. Never discount the poor decision-making of Oklahoma voters.

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