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Lacey Lett is leaving Channel 4…

Mornings in Oklahoma City have lost another ray of sunshine!

KFOR's Lacey Lett announced yesterday that she's leaving KFOR at the end of this month after she – following years of pent-up frustration – snapped and violently beat Lucas Ross over the head with a banjo and kazoo.

Okay, I may have dreamed some of that up.

Here's the text of Lacey's obligatory social media post about the news. I'd recommend reading it while listening to The Beatles' "Golden Slumbers" medley:

I am coming up on my seven year anniversary at KFOR. I have to say it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve made lifelong friends at KFOR and KAUT. These are friends I consider family. I’ve interviewed so many people along the way including city and state leaders, Oklahomans who are doing amazing things and hundreds of foster children who need a place to call home. These children will be in my my heart forever.

Highlighting the Oklahoma community and all it has to offer has been my proudest career achievement by far.

Yeah, I call B.S. on that. Lacey's proudest career achievement isn't "Highlighting the Oklahoma community." It's making the illustrious 2013 class of the OCCC Alumni Hall of Fame!!! I bet she's just too modest and humble to admit it.

Either way, I can't believe Lacey has been on the KFOR morning show for seven years. It seems like it was just yesterday that I would run into Lacey at the old Spy studios on Council and Britton and wait around for her to finish editing the Oklahoma Rock Show so I could record The Lost Years with The Lost Ogle. We'd chat in the lobby about new local bands, how to get Brent Skarky to stop eating paste, and exchange theories as to why Ferris O'Brien always cuts the sleeves off his t-shirts.

Here's more:

Soon I will be starting a new journey at a nonprofit. I got into news to help people, and this next opportunity will allow me to continue that path.

I will miss the wonderful community of viewers on Rise and Shine, seeing my talented coworkers every day and working as a journalist in this great state. THANK YOU for letting me come into your home and for all of your support over these last seven years!

My last day at KFOR will be this Friday August 28.

Have you noticed that every TV news personality farewell announcement includes some bit about "being let into our homes." Unless they're like Bugs Bunny and dig their way into your TV set, that's not how it works... right? They know that we know they're not really there... right? Or perhaps this is this their subtle hint that we should all clean up a bit and maybe wear clothes while watching the news.

Here's more:

This is not a goodbye, but rather a “see you later” as I continue to serve the OKC community at the Nonprofit Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma. This is an organization that helped hundreds of people find jobs last year alone. These are individuals who may otherwise not be able to find work. This mission is so important especially during this trying time, and I’m excited to be a part of helping that cause.

Thank you so much, and I will miss you all more than words can say. ❤️❤️❤️

Really? Lacey went with the "This is not a goodbye, but rather a 'see you later?'" I would have thought she would have said "You say 'Goodbye,' I say 'Hello.'" Or something like that.

Anyway, we wish Lacey the best of luck at Goodwill. Like most TV news anchors who go into the non-profit communications world in their prime, I have a feeling we're going to see her on TV again. Who knows! With her Goodwill connection, maybe KFOR will let her resuscitate Trash or Treasure.

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