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Terry Neese lied about Native American heritage to advance career

This Bice - Neese runoff sure is a weird one. In one corner, you have a candidate hiding from her ethnic ancestry. In the other, you have a candidate lying about it!

Over the weekend, KFOR reported that Terry Neese has played up her Native American ancestry throughout her long career, despite the fact she's not technically a Native American.

KFOR's Peyton Yager has the details:

Republican politician Terry Neese has previously stated she has “deep roots in the Cherokee Nation,” but her campaign team admitted on Friday that Neese isn’t Cherokee Indian after KFOR set out to investigate [...]

The Cherokee Nation’s Communications Department provided KFOR the following statement:“We do not have any Cherokee Nation citizens by those names and DOB in our registration database.”

KFOR also obtained a resume Neese reportedly submitted to a Congressional House Committee. Seen at the bottom right-hand column is a bullet point listing “Native American Heritage – (Cherokee Indian).

That's interesting. Obviously, there's only one solution to this – Terry Neese must take a DNA test to prove she's Native American!

Okay, I'm kidding, but you do have to admit it's funny how Terry Neese has morphed into a bizarro Elizabeth Warren. They have some striking similarities – Oklahoma-born, mom haircuts, blazers, lying about Native American ancestry to benefit their careers – but enough key differences in their ideologies, intelligence and intellect to set them apart.

Here's more:

In the early 1990s, President George H. W. Bush appointed Neese as a Commissioner to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education. All 15 members must be Native American.

That's embarrassing. I guess that means she lied about being a Native American to serve on the Council. They had to do a little bit of vetting, right?

"Hey Terry. Even though you don't have a college degree, would you like to join the National Advisory Council on Indian Education? The only catch is you have to be Native American? That okay?"

"Sure. Whatever."

Actually, she was appointed to that position during the first Bush Administration. They were probably trying to put as many white people on the Council as possible, so I doubt it came up. Either way, I'm sure Bill Clinton kicked her out when he became President:

In 1993, President Bill Clinton reappointed her.

Wait a second. Neese served in the Bill Clinton Administration? As you know, Bill – like President Trump – was connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein may have won the Oklahoma lottery in 2008, and Neese Personnel may have staffed the Oklahoma Lottery Commission that same year. Could that mean Neese and Epstein worked together to rig the lottery??? I have no clue, and it's a flimsy connection, but Stephanie Bice should throw together a last-second campaign ad alleging such out of revenge.

For what it's worth, Neese's campaign did issue this statement to KFOR:

“Terry is not a Cherokee Indian, but she did share a deep heritage with their community during her appointment to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education.”

Why do I get the feeling that Neese thinks her "deep heritage" comes from playing the Wheel of Fortune slots at her neighborhood casino?

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