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Bice and Neese B-Roll footage is weird and fun to watch

Thanks to our corrupt political system, most candidates nowadays have to release b-roll commercial footage on YouTube just in case some special interest or dark money group they're – wink wink – not coordinating with wants to make some TV ads.

It's one of the only positive things from our sham of a Democracy, as it gives us a chance to laugh at the politicians, and then use the footage to make our own negative campaign gifs.

For example, did you know that Stephanie "Basic" Bice has abandoned the craft beer industry for seltzer?

Or that Terry "Grandma with a Gun" Neese has a little 'Captain' in her?"

Yep, Stephanie Bice and Terry Neese have b-roll footage online. Check them out below. I'd recommending watching each while alone in a dark room with the doors locked and drapes closed. That will make the viewing experience more voyeuristic, plus nobody will see you:

Good stuff, huh? Screw the debates, campaign mailers and negative media attacks. You can learn more from a candidate based on how they take walks with people through yards and fields...

Sit at wooden desks...

And show off their guns...

Did I mention that half of Bice's footage was filmed at a shooting range? I wonder what she's over-compensating for? I'm scared to ask.

If I were going to judge who had the "best" b-roll footage, I'd probably go with Neese. Yes, the video looks like it was shot using Dust Bowl filter, and it didn't include any inspirational background sound, but it was the most Pottawatomie County of the two reels. Plus, she was able to clearly establish herself as a Donald Trump supporter with a MAGA hat.

Stephanie didn't wear a MAGA hat. Instead, she simply showed she was capable of listening to an angry dude's mansplain stuff to her:

That being said, Stephanie Bice's footage will appeal to conservative people who like to go on peaceful walks by gazebos...

And then fantasize about shooting people who want to rob them at gazebos...

2020 everyone. 2020.

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