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Report: Oklahomans are great at getting “Catfished.”

In Oklahoma, noodling and dating have a lot in common. You have to be patient to get what you want. There’s a lot of anxiety, excitement, and sometimes bodily fluids involved. And, like a mudcat nibbling stink bait off the fingers of your cousin, Oklahomans will stop at nothing to get those digits. But be careful before you lure your next catch! Because also like noodling, the Oklahoma e-dating scene is starting to involve a lot more catfishing.

Via OKC Fox…

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH)--According to an article from Highspeedinternet, Oklahoma is one of the most likely states for people to be catfished in 2020.

The site defines catfishing as an online dating scam where a person uses a fake online profile to attract victims.

Much like the fish, Okies also often get swept up by someone wearing cutoff shorts and a sleeveless Sturgis shirt. Anyone who’s glanced at Tinder for more than 14 seconds could tell you that the Oklahoma dating pool likes a lot like an Oklahoma creek on any given Saturday. But hopefully unlike catfish-catfishing, these Tinder catfishes won’t do any real harm, right?

They may be using a fake profile to ask for money from people, for revenge, or just for fun, according to the study.

In terms of what states get catfished the most, Oklahoma is not in the top ten, the study shows.

However, the study showed that Oklahoma led the nation in dollars lost per catfishing victim at $70,288.

Holy mackerel! If I were catfished in Oklahoma, I would also want to crawl into a hole and hideout for a while. But if you find out your sex kitten is really a catfish, don’t give up hope on finding love! As they say, there are plenty of fish.


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