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Terry Neese Runs Her Business Like Trump, Too!

8:14 AM EDT on August 19, 2020

Yesterday afternoon, Terry Neese got some good campaign PR when The Frontier published audio tapes revealing that she's run her business like Donald Trump dating back all the way to the 1980s!

Via The Frontier:

Congressional candidate Terry Neese has long maintained she withdrew her name for consideration to lead the U.S. Mint 15 years ago because she wanted to spend more time with her family. But two days before her Senate confirmation hearing, Neese was summoned to the White House personnel office where officials told her they would no longer support her nomination because of the discovery of training tapes she made for her employees that encouraged them to lie and use unethical behavior...

In the nearly two hours of tape, Neese regularly told her employees to make fake phone calls if someone is in their office to make it appear they are working to find them a job.

“If you don’t have a job order, pick up the telephone, dial your home phone number or call a number where you know no one will answer. You are going to make a fake phone call,” Neese said.

“This is where Hollywood and acting becomes a big part of this business.”

Man, Stephanie Bice can't catch a break! Even negative news about her opponent benefits her opponent!

This runoff has been a full Trump-Off, and it's hard to Out-Trump the candidate who apparently graduated with honors from Trump University! I bet Neese aced "Fake It Till You Make 101" and "The Art of a Disingenuous Deal." She, along with Mike Gundy, will be on the shortlist of applicants when OAN brings back The Apprentice in 2021

That being said, is any of what Neese did really that shocking? Whether I was waiting tables or designing brochures for a bank, I've had multiple supervisors over the years tell me to look busy when important people were around. Plus, I'm pretty sure they tell the volunteers working the studio call center during OETA Festival fundraisers to pretend they're talking on the phone. If it's okay for public television volunteers to do that when people are watching, it should be fine for people working for a weird lady at a temp agency.

Here's more:

Neese also told her employees how to lie in order to get another company’s employee directory so she could recruit their workers.

When job seekers had children, Neese told her employees to tell a potential employer they had child care, even if they didn’t.

“Many times I will also create an aunt or an uncle, a grandmother or mother, someone in town who will take care of them in case they get sick, especially if they have a four-year-old, a three-year-old, a two-year-old or real young children who have to be in a nursery,” Neese said.

That's pretty cool. I wonder I she also pretended to be her own publicist like Donald Trump did? Republican voters would be extra-impressed by that!

Neese even had a Trumpian response when asked about the tapes, which were conveniently leaked to the media a few weeks before the runoff:

At a candidate debate hours after this story originally published, Neese called the story “an absolute lie” and would not say if it were her on the tapes...

After turning down the U.S. Mint position, Neese said she had passed an “exhaustive FBI investigation, an IRS review and the Office of Government Ethics requirements.”

Give Neese some credit – she follows the Trump playbook like a total pro. Next week, she'll probably double down and tweet that she's heard recordings of Stephanie Bice calling craft beer drinkers "posers."

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