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OSU Students Remind Us Why We Probably Shouldn’t Reopen Schools

2:55 PM EDT on August 17, 2020

One thing that seems to be a bit lost in all the college and university pandemic re-opening plans is that we're actually trusting people in their late teens and early 20s to make good decisions, and act responsibly during a global pandemic. Based on my experiences as a teenager and college kid alone, it's a pretty foolish idea – one that's almost as absurd as trusting grown adults.

But don't take my "Man Yelling At Cloud" word for it. According to Oklahoma State's newspaper – The Daily O'collegian – other people are worried about college students doing college student stuff during a global pandemic that's killing their grandparents at an alarming rate:

Oklahoma State University’s “Cowboys Coming Back” plan during the COVID-19 pandemic is an in-depth return procedure with one major flaw: it may rely on students not partying.

“I fear for my life, honestly,” OSU junior Fox Nelson said of the plan.

Nelson, who has Type 1 diabetes and could have a more severe COVID-19 case, is not alone in their thinking. With thousands of students returning to campus, a spike in cases could already be inevitable due to the contagious nature of the novel coronavirus...

Off-campus social gatherings also worry OSU-affiliated medical experts. For some, a plan that relies on college students not partying will be detrimental to the efforts.

Well, if you want to see why "off-campus social gatherings" – a.k.a. parties, keggers, mixers, clubs, dance parties – worry OSU officials, check out these videos from the Stillwater bar scene that made the rounds over the weekend:

Before we continue, let's get the journalism stuff out of the way:

I don't know where the video was shot, or more importantly – how the venue in question was able to book DJ Pandemikk on such short notice. If you know any of these details, please send them our way.

In the meantime, what the fuck! I know these college-aged kids are young, feel invincible, and, in all honesty, probably are, but you can't do stuff like that! Not only is there a pandemic going around, but you don't know how old videos like that makes some of us feel! Seriously, what I wouldn't give to be young and carefree again, and not have to worry about catching some virus, and then passing it on to my roommate, who then passes it on to his aunt, who then passes it on to her husband, who then passes it on to his lover, who then passes it to his wife, who then succumbs to the virus at the age of 58.

But maybe that's me just being a fearmonger! Everything's fine. We're in Oklahoma, where the wind keeps the virus at play! Like we really have to worry about it the Coronavorus spreading around the Oklahoma State campus:

Oklahoma State University officials announced on Saturday that 23 students tested positive for the coronavirus.

The cases came from an off-campus sorority house, officials say.

The entire chapter house is in isolation or quarantine and are prohibited from leaving the facility.

Okay, so maybe we do have to worry about it, and maybe we should thank OSU Students for reminding us why we probably shouldn't re-open schools.

Anyway, The Daily O'collegian has more about the OSU party night here. Check it out.


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