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OKC Landlord Sends Obnoxious Eviction Notice

Over the past week or so, we've had a bunch of people ask about an obnoxious eviction flyer that's been making the rounds on social media. The phone number on it points back to a place called Parkview Village – a weird little cluster of small houses / apartments in South Oklahoma City that was built for soldiers returning home from World War 2.

Check it out:

Ouch! That's cruel! I think we can all agree there are good and bad folks on both sides of landlord / renter divide, and that whoever made that flyer is definitely one of the bad ones – a dried piece of human excrement... left on the floor of a trashed, abandoned apartment.

Seriously, as if being evicted isn't embarrassing enough, now renters facing eviction have to deal with landlords taunting them with obnoxious emojis and exclamation points. That's not cool. As a result, I made the following flyer that residents can give to Parkview Village management when their lease is up:

In fact, I give permission to any all renters to use the flyer whenever they see fit. That's because we're kind, and all about the TLO Standard.


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