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Edmond Residents Try To Dance Away The Coronavirus

On Sunday morning, I was doing some mindless scrolling through this poisonous app on my phone called Twitter when a weird video popped on my little screen.

It apparently shows a group of older white people dancing at Hafer Park in Edmond. It was equal parts disturbing and awe-inspiring, and a friendly reminder of how awesome and confident drugs can make us feel.

I know a lot of people are going to complain these folks were disregarding social distancing and public safety measures, and I can see their point, but that doesn't really bother me too much.

This is because:

A) There is a pandemic going on, and this may just be the only time in human history when it's okay to go to a public park and dance like you just snorted all the coke at Groovey's, and not be arrested and appear on the local news.

B) Although I'm probably 15 years younger, have a beard, and don't act like a Smurf at a rave, I kind of resemble the chubby funster prancing around in the blue shirt, and I find that way more disturbing.

In addition to all that, I think dance moves like that kill the Coronavirus more effectively than ultraviolet light, bleach and the Oklahoma wind combined. At least I think that's what President Trump said in his last press conference. I could be wrong.

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