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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has COVID-19!

11:17 AM EDT on July 15, 2020

Late last night, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with dispatches that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt had tested positive for COVID-19. The tips came from solid sources, but was impossible to confirm on record, so we went with this:

Well, I guess you can say you (kind of) heard it here first!

Earlier this morning, Kevin Stitt officially announced during a hastily organized health department Zoom call that he has indeed tested positive for COVID-19. Yeah, that's right. The tough-guy governor who seems to take joy in defying public health measures that could help slow the spread of the virus, like social distancing and wearing facemasks, has tested positive for the virus. Say it with me now – Imagine That!

Obviously, it's a bit difficult not to feel a bit of schadenfreude with all this, but as we know, Coronavirus is a very serious, even deadly virus. Hopefully the Governor only has a mild case, and doesn't end up in one of Oklahoma's near-capacity ICUs. We wish him the best, and can't wait to make fun of him when – or if – he fully recovers.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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