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News 9 Airs Top Notch Law Enforcement Propaganda

4:03 PM EDT on July 13, 2020

As you, a consumer of Internet news and social media, are probably aware, there's a growing movement in this country that's reexamining the role and responsibilities of police and law enforcement in our society.

Last Thursday, KWTV News 9 – the Fox News of the Heartland – reminded us why.

On the nightly news, they aired a report about some testosterone-fueled DEA meth crackdown called "Operation Crystal Shield." From the beginning to the end, it's hard to tell if you're watching a local news report, police propaganda or simply a DEA recruitment video. Considering the cozy relationship between cops and local TV news, I guess you could say it's a mix of all three.

Just check out the first 30-seconds or so:

Wow. That was intense! The scary background music was a really nice touch. It felt like I was watching a real-life version of Narcos, apparently filmed in suburban Oklahoma City.

News 9 won't allow other sites to embed their video, so you'll need to grab a tub of popcorn and watch the whole thing over there. In between shots of our militarized police enforcing laws, they include a bunch of interview soundbites from government attorneys and DEA agents who exploit and profit from the War on Drugs.

For some reason, though, the five-minute news segment didn't include one interview or soundbite from one expert outside the field of law enforcement. You know, someone who could maybe provide insight on whether an expensive, militarized police response to a drug crisis is the appropriate way to not only combat the issue, but use our government resources. Then again, doing something like that would have provided more depth to the piece, and not make it feel as much like the propaganda it was supposed to be.

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