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Mulleted Marksman Protests OKC Skechers Store Facemask Policy

Yesterday afternoon, this video of a mulleted marksman zipping shoeboxes with stunning accuracy at an employee of an OKC Skechers store over its facemask policy made the rounds on social media. Check it out:

Wow. That was impressive! Based on her throwing technique, physique and hairstyle, I'd say there's more than a 70% chance this Karen was the star pitcher on her rural Oklahoma high school fastpitch softball team in the 1990s!

Here are details of the incident via Channel 25:

The Skechers employee told police that the woman had entered the store without a face mask despite seeing the sign on the front door clearly stating that customers must wear masks.

According to a police report, the employee told the customer several times that she must put on a mask but the customer ignored her and continued shopping.

I know I'm not a paranoid conspiracy theorist whose mind's been warped by misinformation, propaganda and the GOP's anti-science agenda, but I don't get the anti-facemask thing. Sure, they can be a bit annoying and uncomfortable, especially if you wear glasses and /or are one of those insecure conservative tough people who thinks it shows weakness or something, but if it helps prevent the spread of a very real virus, I'm all for it.

Here's more:

Once the customer went to the counter the employee once again told her that she needed to put a mask on and suggested she go to Lowe's, purchase a mask, and then come back to purchase her shoes.

The customer then became angry and threw two shoeboxes at the employee and left the store.

Police were able to identify the customer after the assault thanks to her leaving her wallet on the counter with her ID.

Word to the wise – if you go shopping, wear a facemask, especially if the store has a facemask policy. Also, if you throw shit at employees who are simply doing their job, make sure to grab your ID before you leave.


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