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7 things Oklahoma is doing to reduce COVID-19 numbers

1:09 PM EDT on July 9, 2020

With Oklahoma experiencing the two largest daily increases in positive COVID-19 cases as of yet this week, it’s easy to blame our state’s government for the lack of response and poor leadership in handling the crisis. Many are quick to attribute the rise in cases to the state’s quick reopening plan and refusal to mandate masks in public places. But contrary to popular belief, our esteemed leaders are actually working very hard in their response to the crisis. In fact, here are 7 things the Oklahoma government is doing to reduce COVID-19 numbers!

Ignoring COVID-19 Numbers

They say ignorance is bliss. If Oklahoma’s esteemed government officials simply ignore the pleading of health officials and rapidly increasing cases by continuing to loosen restrictions and neglect to mandate mask wearing in public, then it can’t be a problem, right? Like a taxidermied canary in a coal mine, as long as asymptomatic Oklahomans across the state can blissfully spread COVID-19 consume 236% of their daily value of sodium in canned queso from the comfort of their own chain restaurant without breaking any government mandates, then we’re doing OK, Oklahoma.


Inviting an “Expert” to Oklahoma

Last month, Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum joined forces with Governor Kevin Stitt to welcome our esteemed President Donald Trump to T-Town for a campaign rally. While addressing the crowd, Trump reminded Oklahomans that if we simply “slow down” testing for COVID-19, the numbers will eventually go down. Can’t argue with that logic. I am glad our state’s leaders gave this message an amplifying platform.


Decreasing Hospitalizations

In May, the state of Oklahoma terminated its contract with Integris Hospital, which would have accepted surges of COVID-19 patients in case of increasing numbers. I guess you can’t have an increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations if there are no hospitals to treat them!

Decreasing People Seeking COVID-Related Treatment

Fun fact! Being that health insurance is often tied to employment, when you lose your job you typically lose your coverage as well. And being that hundreds of are unsuccessfully seeking unemployment, many Oklahomans can’t afford basic needs like food and housing, let alone out-of-pocketing healthcare. But I guess our government isn’t worried about Oklahomans not being able to afford treatment, because you can’t spread COVID-19 if you’re dead.


Suggesting Masks

Earlier this month, Stitt suggested Oklahomans wear a mask when going into public places. But don’t worry, it’s still a “personal preference.” So, Oklahomans can go ahead and spew their saliva --freely and without the horrendous hindrance of a mask-- as God intended.

Opening Churches Early

Oklahoma churches were allowed to hold in-person services as early as May 1st. Thank God! If they aren’t open, how on earth can institutions like LifeChurch pray for the health of the state**?

**implement plans to encourage "givers" to continue tithing despite potential COVID-19-related financial hardship while also receiving millions of dollars in PPP assistance


Making Sure Poor Leaders Don’t Get Re-Elected

By how our esteemed governor and many mayors are handling the COVID-19 crisis in this state, we can only hope they are at least hurting their chances for re-election.


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