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Stephanie Bice upset about negative ad linking her to Harvey Weinstein


Earlier this week, craft beer enthusiast Stephanie Bice – a state senator who is the earlier frontrunner for the Republican nomination in OK House District 5 – decided to go full Streisand Effect and let The Oklahoman know she was insulted by an outrageous attack ad that attempts to link her to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

The report in the paper came via Chris Casteel – an Oklahoman artifact who has dutifully helped the paper implement, craft and advance a right-wing, conservative agenda dating all the way back to the 1980s.

Here are details via The Oklahoman:

State Sen. Stephanie Bice, a Republican candidate for Congress, said Monday she was offended by an attack ad from a national group linking her to former movie producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

“This isn’t a policy commercial,” Bice, of Oklahoma City, said in an interview. “This is actually in my opinion trying to tie me to a convicted sex offender, putting my picture up on television with Harvey Weinstein. This has nothing to do with policy at all.”

Bice said the ad was an insult to her and every woman in Oklahoma.

Yikes! Just wait until Bice hears about all the draconian measures she and her colleagues in the State Senate have introduced over the years that attempt to limit the reproductive rights of women! Then she'll really be insulted.

The Oklahoman didn't include any video from the ad, but we tracked it down via the Ogle Mole Network. Check it out:

Okay, was that ad tacky? Yes. Did it sleazily bend and stretch the truth? Sure. Did it cross a line? Perhaps. Was it different than any other negative campaign ad we'll see in 2020? Probably not.

Hell, it technically could have been worse. Instead of Harvey Weinstein, they could have thrown Bice's former senate colleague Ralph Shortey on the screen, and shared how often Bice voted with him on legislation.

The ad really angered conservative lawmakers and lobbyists who wouldn't mind increasing Stephanie Bice's name recognition to impressionable suburban women – a voting demographic that many are calling the key to the 2020 election.

For example, Chad Alexander – a former GOP operative and lobbyist who is married to a woman who works for a powerful man who has been the focus of numerous sexual assault allegations – was particularly upset.

Despite the complaints, the organization that created the ad is apparently doubling down on their efforts, and are now extra-motivated that your grandparents see the ad on the nightly news:

In a statement responding to the ad, Bice referred to Club for Growth leaders as “Never Trumpers,’’ though that description doesn’t reflect the group’s current public position. In a current ad, the group praises a candidate in Alabama for being an ally of President Donald Trump.

Joe Kildea, vice president of communications for Club for Growth, said, “Following Sen. Bice’s false and baseless accusations that insulted voters who support the free-market and President Trump while simultaneously failing to answer questions about her record on taxes and spending, Club for Growth Action will be increasing the media buy and releasing a second ad in the coming days on Sen. Bice’s horrific record on taxes."

Hey Joe, while you're increasing your media buy, why don't you hit us up for a TLO Media Kit? Although we think your add is a bit gross, and that Stephanie Bice made the right decision when she voted for the tax increase back when our state was facing yet another unprecedented budget crisis, we'll happily take your money.

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