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The Oklahoma Gazette Is Sorry It’s Bi-Curious…

Back when the pandemic hit, The Oklahoma Gazette quietly announced it was taking some time off to not lose money, hash out some operations stuff, and, apparently, explore its identity and sexuality.

Well, at least I think that's what happened. Earlier today, the once-proud paper announced it's transitioning from a heterosexual alt-weekly newspaper to a bi-weekly, bisexual publication:

Yep, the once-influential OKC news source that virtually disappeared during arguably the second-largest news event of the century – thanks for that, by the way – is coming back. Edgar Cruz better get to work on his new ad fast!

Unfortunately for The Gazette, the crowd that gets mad at hot dog stands for telling stupid jokes got mad about this stupid joke as well. As a result, The Gazette deleted the ad and issued this apology:

In other news, we have learned that OKC Talk has also shelved its new 2020 slogan – "OKC Talk! We're Gay For OKC!"

I guess the question here is should The Gazette apologize? I don't know. The answer to that probably depends on where you fall on the "I'm Offended" scale. I didn't think it was offensive or funny. To me, it was just lazy writing – something I know well.

Then again, I can see how it could offend a few people in the LGBTQI+ community, who then use social media to amplify and broadcast their outrage, making it feel as if an entire army is against you. Once again, something I know well.

Anyway, while you debate that, I'm going to slowly exit stage left and dust off my stock apology template that any male who thought he was funny on the Internet between 1998 - 2018 should probably have handy. Also, there's a whole lot more I'd like to write about The Gazette drama over the past couple of years, but I got a bit caught up in it and should refrain and — instead — count my blessings that I didn't get more involved.

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