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TMZ got the video of Allen Glover’s drunken arrest

Yesterday morning, we broke the news that Allen Glover – the ex-con in the bathtub from Tiger King – was arrested in the strip club oasis of Valley Brook on DUI-related charges.

When I called to get the police report and body-cam footage from the Valley Brook PD, they said I'd have to come to the station and fill out paperwork from the captain. As a committed supporter of the W. Reno strip club community, I politely declined. This was not only out of loyalty to my friends Raven, Alexis and Precious, but so TMZ could payoff someone at the Valley Brook PD for the video.

Highlights include:

- Allen wearing an Affliction Shirt

- Allen being confused by a 1-10 sliding scale

- Valley Brook police duping Allen into being handcuffed

You can watch the full video at TMZ.

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