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Tiger King hitman Allen Glover arrested on DUI-related charges in Valley Brook

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Frank "Allen" Glover – the ex-con who was paid $3,000 by Joe Exotic to kill Carole Baskin, and then promptly fled with the cash and smartly spent it on strippers and blow – was arrested over the weekend on DUI-related charges in, naturally, Valley Brook, Oklahoma.

Here's a screenshot of his booking detail:

For those in our national clicking audience, Valley Brook is a small, seedy suburb on the fringes of Oklahoma City's southeast side that's famous for its wide variety of strip joints, gentlemen's clubs and all-nude juice bars. It's also home to an overzealous, ticky-tacky police force that arrests and tickets strip club customers and employees, for almost any traffic infraction in order to fund the city's operations.

Right now, we really don't know any other details about the arrest, like which strip club Allen was visiting, if any tigers were involved, or if he was freshly bathed...

I did call the Valley Brook PD to see if they could email the police report, but the nice lady said I would need to come to the station and file a request. I'm lazy and don't want to get glitter in my eye, so screw that. I also have a request to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office to see if they have any other details.

Either way, stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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