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Chuba Hubbard and Mike Gundy are maybe kind of possibly perhaps cool now

Yesterday afternoon, the local and national media went into full red alert when star OSU running back Chuba Hubbard called out head football coach Mike Gundy on Twitter for wearing an OAN t-shirt while on a fishing trip with his son.

The tweet quickly went viral, bursting through the sports / social justice / politics / news media echo chambers like a tear gas canister hitting peaceful protestors, generating hot takes from all sides covering all topics:

"Is Mike Gundy's coaching career in jeopardy?!"

"They're really flipping out over a logo!? This is censorship!"

"It's probably time for Mike to go anyway."

"Who cares! It's a t-shirt and free country!!'

"What's OAN?"

Then, right as all the controversy was starting to churn, Chuba Hubbard tweeted a video with Mike Gundy where it looked like they maybe kind of possibly perhaps somehow worked things out.

Watch it for yourself. When you do, try to block out the person heavily breathing in the background:

I don't know about you, but after watching that video I'm 100% convinced these two guys have resolved their issues and everything is good to go. Also, if you stare at the background long enough you'll see a 3D image of Mike Gundy riding Bullet into the sunset – his mullet flowing through the air like waving wheat.

But seriously, Mike has obviously learned from this experience, and from here on out, will do and say whatever it takes for him to keep his job during these sensitive times, even if it means hiding his true thoughts and feelings, and no longer wearing t-shirts from right-wing news outlets that reinforce his warped, consistently out-of-touch views and values that don't align with many of today's athletes.

I don't think Chuba should apologize for how he handled the situation. I don't think he was 100% prepared for how fast his statement would escalate and become a national story – or how it could back him into a corner with some fans and teammates – but who cares. In today's media climate, Twitter is the easiest and most direct way to get shit changed and accomplished. Do you think Mike Gundy would commit to the vaguely-presented changes he referenced in the video if Chuba and some players walked up to him after practice? Maybe, but with a mindset like this, probably not:

It's still kind of surreal that Mike Gundy went from being a players coach to a can't-identify-with-players coach in just 10 years.

Anyway, this could be the end of this story, or, knowing the liberal activist media like we do, the beginning. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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