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Lawsuit: Continental Resources Alleges Insider Scheme Swindled Company out of Millions

9:52 AM EDT on June 4, 2020

Back on April 20th, when you were hopefully stoned out of your mind, Continental Resources quietly filed a lawsuit against one of their former attorneys – Blaine Dyer; a former landman for the company – Justin Biggs; and about 48 other people, LLCs, local musicians, etc., from Oklahoma and Texas alleging they all worked together to cheat the company out of $5 million via what one Ogle Mole called one of "the oldest / dirtiest tricks in the oil and gas or title attorney book."

Here are the allegations that Continental outlined in a revised petition filed on May 22nd in Oklahoma County District Court. I don't believe the lawsuit has been reported by any media outlet.

Wow. I've stolen from plenty of my former employers over the years, especially when I was poor and waited tables at Applebee's, but if true, that's quite a bold scheme. When you work for an oil company, you're supposed to be blindly loyal to that company and help them exploit and profit from all the valuable resources found deep inside the earth. Screwing your employer and working a flawed system to your financial advantage is unethical and wrong!

That being said, let's give these people the benefit of the doubt. Continental Resources is a ruthless company, and we can't just take their word for granted. Who knows? Maybe Blaine Dyer is innocent of all charges, or better yet, is some Robin Hood of the oil and gas world, stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor – a kind, compassionate, selfless man who only wants to help those in need!

Well, he's not. I stopped by Blaine's Facebook page to take a look and, well, he probably has more in common with Harold Hamm than he'd like to admit. Here's more of what Continental calls "The Dyer Scheme:"

Hey, look at that! Adam Aguilar made the lawsuit! He's the crooning frontman of Weekend Allstars, and I think 3am, and probably a bunch of other local cover bands that have been getting people across the metro laid for the past decade. I guess we know how they afforded all their nice equipment!

Here's more:

Anyway, you can read more about the lawsuit and all the fun stuff over at I would post a response from one of the scores of people that were sued, but no one has filed one yet.


This post has been edited to keep it and the comments section in focus. 

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