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Jeff Lowe is hanging out at Kong’s Tavern with Las Vegas magicians

The world is breaking down and becoming more surreal moment to moment. What day is this? Who knows! But nature is healing, and wildlife is returning to its natural order during lockdown.

Proof of this is Jeff Lowe, current owner of the GW Exotic Animal Park, visiting his natural habitat and making new friends. From TMZ:

A famous Vegas magician is looking to pick up where Siegfried and Roy left off -- so, naturally, he went to go see the biggest cat man in the game right now ... one Jeff Lowe.

Sources tell TMZ ... Murray SawChuck -- who's got his own residency show at the Tropicana Hotel in Sin City -- recently linked up with Jeff to talk shop and discuss the possibility of obtaining some tigers for a potential new act he wants to introduce on the strip.

Our sources say Murray took note of Roy Horn's tragic passing of late, and saw an opening for another tiger magic show that he might just wanna fill ... and in light of the hit Netflix series, figured he'd get in touch with Jeff to see if there was a deal they could make.

Murray the Magician (as he's known in Vegas) ventured out to Oklahoma City to make it happen, and stopped by Jeff's 'Tiger King' Zoo -- formerly known as Joe Exotic's GW Zoo -- and toured the grounds. Later ... Jeff and Murray, with their ladies in tow, hit the town and ended up at a packed bar called Kong's Tavern, where they got the VIP treatment.

It totally makes sense that Jeff is a Kong's guy. They are both the embodiment of Monster Energy Drinks, irresponsibility, and a swinger lifestyle. I have no idea who this magician dude is, but his bleached hair and 90's frames makes him a perfect candidate to be mauled by a tiger on-stage at the Tropicana.

The idea that people are willing to go to bars right now is baffling to me, but do what you must to get that Vegas money. Risking dying alone on a ventilator for Red Bull & vodka is insane, but if it means you can rent out caged tigers and make a few thousand dollars, go for it.

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