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State Rep. Jason Dunnington caught ditching party event to drink with lobbyists…

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that State Rep. Jason Dunnington – a moderate Democrat representing one of Oklahoma's most liberal legislative districts – ditched an Oklahoma County Democratic Party event last night to have some non-social-distancing-compliant beers with a group of lobbyists, and a Kevin Stitt staffer, at Social Capital outside Scissortail Park.

Here's a pic that a Mole sent our way:

In case you care, Dunnington is the dude in the pink shirt. According to the Mole who snapped the pic, other politicos in the photo include lobbyists Matt Latham (dude standing), Ryan Kilpatrick (dude wearing weird cap) and Stitt's Deputy Chief of Staff, Zack Lee (dude across from dude in weird hat).

According to our Moles, Dunnington was scheduled to participate in an Oklahoma County Democrats online Zoom forum with voters and candidates that evening, but backed out to deal for what he called "constituent issues." Based on how nice the weather was last night, I don't think you can blame him. If you're going to cancel plans at the last second, make sure it's so you can drink on a patio...preferably while playing free team trivia.

That being said, Democrats are alarmed by the photo for a couple of reasons.

1. According to The Ogle Mole Network, we have learned Dunnington was privately reprimanded by House Democrats during the 17-18 legislative session. The reason? He shared Democratic party secrets and vote counts with Republican leadership. As a result, I guess House Dems now get nervous whenever they see Jason lounging around with other politicos.

2. There's a pandemic going around, and you're supposed to be social distancing! That's especially true if you haven't been going to your job for the last couple of months because your ex-wife, and the mother of your children, is immunocompromised:

Yep, going to work at the Capitol right now isn't worth the risk to his kids' mom's health, but having drinks on a patio with a cute girl surrounded by eight other people in close proximity??? Totally worth it! Based on that level of hypocrisy – and the fact that he's a former church minister who worked in the oil industry before getting into politics – you have to wonder if Dunnington is going to switch parties or join Stitt's cabinet.

Anyway, I reached out to Jason to see if he has any comment on the photo and all that fun journalistic stuff. We'll update if / when he gets back.

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