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Report: Stitt Still Confused By Office Speakerphone

Yesterday, a couple of Ogle Moles sent us this candid photograph of Kevin Stitt apparently talking to President Trump – or the warranty center for his new remote control – on speakerphone. I can't locate where the photo originated, but one Mole said it was shared on social media by one of Stitt's staffers:

I love making fun of dopey politicians, so any photo that makes a dopey politician look extra dopey is cool in my book. I also like it when other people do my job for me, so I think we're going to make this a good old fashioned "Caption Contest."

You know the drill. Leave a caption in the comments for the world to see. The person who leaves the best caption, as determined by me, Emily Sutton and Sir John Michael, will win a FREE one-year membership to The Ogle Mole Membership Club.

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