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coronavirus in oklahoma

Kong’s Tavern threw a Covid de Mayo party…

Last night, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with dispatches reporting that Kong's Tavern – an Axe Body Spray infused meat market located in the heart of Midtown – was packed with Brosephs, Beckys and other douchebags celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and / or their own perceived invincibility to the Coronavirus.

Here are some photos and videos that were sent our way:

FYI - I looked through the photos and videos multiple times and couldn't spot Governor Kevin Stitt anywhere. He was probably inside doing body shots on the bar. Also, kudos to the woman who filmed that last video. The zoom coincided perfectly with her scolding "BAAAR." She'll make a great Karen someday.

Naturally, the social media pandemic shame police were quick to jump on the irresponsible behavior of both the venue and patrons, proclaiming they'll now never visit a place they would never likely visit. I can see why. At last check, there's still a highly-contagious virus out there spreading around and killing people. No matter how many cheap tequila shots everyone consumes, it only takes one asymptomatic infected person in that crowd to infect dozens, and cause a deadly outbreak. Considering these people are at Kong's, that actually seems like a fair punishment.

Then again, I'm not going to blame 21-year-olds too much for wanting to irresponsibly get out, enjoy life and try to get laid. Let's be honest – that sounds like a great way to kill time right now, and is probably worth the risk of seeing their parents on FaceTime gasp for air while hooked to a ventilator here in a few weeks! If the pandemic hit in 2001, you bet I'd be one of the first people in line to social distance at Bricktown 54, or some other cologne-drenched bar, to get my drink on. As they say, youth is wasted on the dumb.

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