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Meg Alexander likes Fatal Attraction

When we last caught up with our favorite news mommy – Meg Alexander – she was exhibiting some sloshy-slurry behavior that led to her dismissal from the KOKH Fox 25 morning show "Living Oklahoma."

I'm not sure what Meg's been up to since all that happened, but based on this Facebook Live video she posted over the weekend, it doesn't look like all that much has changed:

Wow. That's the most Meg Alexander video I've ever watched, and you know what, I absolutely love it! Seriously, don't ever change or get sober. We need more of this type of riveting content now more than ever!

In fact, I openly call for the OETA Movie Club to hire Meg as a permanent host. She can replace the bucket of popcorn with whatever beverage or spirit she wants, and pick any suspense thriller or rom-com as the movie. The viewer mail segment alone will be must watch television.

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