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coronavirus in oklahoma

TLO’s Official Quarantine Quiz (that’s absolutely not data mining, we swear)!


Happy Thursday, my fellow Oklahomans! Now that we are a solid four weeks into this “safer at home” business, I’ve noticed a lot of people on my Facebook feed have been getting super bored. While some of us are choosing to pick up a new hobby or substance use, many are passing the time by completing these so-called data mining inventories “Quarantine Quizzes.”

These quizzes are full of answers to common security questions fun factoids about ourselves, like the make and model of our first car or the cities where we met our significant others, and help our social media friends to get to know us better! So we decided to make one of our own. Here’s TLO’s Official Quarantine Quiz!


What’s your social security number?

Did you know that everybody’s social security number is different? Celebrate your individuality by posting yours for the world to see!


Fuck, Marry, Kill: Kevin Stitt, Goldberg, or Rowdy the Redhawk

Your TRUE friends will already know the answer…


What are your registered as on your voter ID card? And why?

Everyone knows you are doing these “quarantine quizzes” out of boredom. So why not start a fight in the comments section of your post to keep the notifications flowing for hours to come!


Which Oklahoma restaurant will you visit first after quarantine?

There are no wrong answers here! Unless you choose Billy Sims.


If you could choose, which Oklahoma county would you want to be quarantined in?

This says a lot about a person. You may choose Oklahoma or Tulsa County for the increased range of booze and weed delivery. But you’ll find out through a 53-minute long phone call later that your aunt is going to get pissed and somehow take your refusal to choose Washita County as secret desire to move far away from the extended family. Though she may not be wrong…


Who would you want to be your “quarantine cutie?”

In other words, which Oklahoman would you want to be quarantined with? There are no wrong answers here! Unless you don’t choose Reba McEntire.

What is your “essential” dream job?

Will you choose a medical profession, like doctor or nurse? A media gig, like a KFOR meteorologist or the guy in charge of finding things on the internet for Kelly Ogle to be mad at? Or a truly essential gig, like a live streaming pastor of a mega-church or the Oklahoma governor? The possibilities are endless!


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