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coronavirus in oklahoma

Derplahomans Rally at Capitol to End Social Distancing Restrictions

Calling all morons, contrarians and other fine people who don't have the ability to grasp or understand deeply complicated, nuanced issues like a global pandemic, there's a party today and you're invited!

Earlier this morning, the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee – a right-wing group that promotes constitutional liberty, free markets, and a biblical worldview – promoted to its base a rally at the state capitol where participants can implore our state's politicians to get Oklahomans back to work, and end life-saving shelter in place and social distancing orders, all from the no-irony-intended safety and convenience of their automobiles.

Check out this flyer:

Before we continue, I should probably point out that the former head of OCPAC is a Derplahoman racist nut job named Charlie Meadows who once wrote an article titled "WHY BLACKS HATE COPS & HOW BLACKS CAN BE WINNERS, NOT LOSERS!"

He passed the torch to an anti-abortion theocrat named John Michener. He apparently didn'tlast long and now they have this guy – Bobb Linn – in charge. This info is in case you're wondering what type of idiots organize things like this.

Yep, bravely join fellow Oklahomans in showing your support for getting Oklahoma open for business... while hiding in your car because you're scared of catching the virus that shut down the world. It's good to know that during these crazy times when so many things are cancelled, and normalcy is uprooted and struggling, that unintended irony is still going strong.

Update: This post has been updated to identify OCPAC as a promoter, and not organizer, of the event, and to correctly identify the current leader of this band of strict constitutional – at least their theocratic interpretation of it – crazies.

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