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Kendra Horn Finally Plays Impeachment Trump Card

Well, that took long enough!

After months and months of stalling in an effort to appear pragmatic, reasonable and non-partisan to the conservative-leaning Oklahoma voters, US Congresswoman Kendra Horn finally announced in a vague, corporate-speak announcement that she will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

I, admittedly, am not a rank-and-file member of congress who won election by only the slimmest of margins while floating in a purple boat in a sea of red that's stocked with angry right wing fish, but does she really have to pretend she did this with "a heavy heart?" Come on, she's not breaking up with her boyfriend before moving away for college. She's voting to impeach our comprised con man scum of a president! That should be cause for celebration!

The news that Kendra will vote to impeach President Trump triggered the standard bit of propaganda from various social media echo chambers. She was lauded by many liberals and those in the Democratic establishment for being strong, brave and resilient, while her political opponents complained and begged for money.

Kendra's Trump-loving congressional colleague Marcuswayne Mullin also criticize the move:

Yeah, the guy who routinely puts his ambition and party loyalties first and constituents second just criticized another politician for putting her ambition and party loyalties first and constituents second. Who cares that Kendra didn't really do what Marcuswayne claimed, let's give the man some credit. He may be an idiot, but he's a master of hypocrisy.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Kendra's impeachment decision does to her re-election chances. I think the impact will minimal.

First of all, do we really think there's some person out their thinking, "I was going to vote for Kendra, but her decision to vote for impeachment changes my mind." Whatever. I'd bet 99% of everyone's minds are already made up. Second, the election is still 11 months away, which means we have hundreds of new cycles and controversies remaining to divide and distract voters. I say this with a heavy heart but, by then, impeachment drama will be old news.

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