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Top 10 Mayor David Holt Celebrity Stalker Photos of 2019

12:31 PM EST on December 16, 2019

We all get that impulse to want to get a picture with a famous person when we see them in the wild. It's selfish and pointless other than to prove to our friends that we were in the same room with a person who makes more money than us.

With that said, we can't really blame Mayor David Holt for constantly posting pictures of him with famous people. Hell, he kinda has an obligation to do it, since he's running a huge city and is always meeting interesting folks and needs to keep his public image up. Patrick even dubbed him 'Mayor McSelfie,' which is appropriate but I was hoping my 'Cool Tall Mayor' nickname would catch on.

Anyways, I did a deep dive into Mayor Holt's Instagram and have determined a list of his Top 10 celebrity stalker photos of 2019. In the sake of being impartial, I'm not including the selfie he took with Patrick and Marisa during his much ballyhooed TLO Show appearance.

#10- Clayton Kershaw

Baseball is an amazing sport because a guy could be making $31 million a year, a several-time all-star winner, and considered one of the best pitchers in the world, and 99% of people are like 'who the hell is that' because really, who can name more than like three baseball players?


#9 - NBA Dudes

These are all getting lumped together because there are so many of them. If an NBA player has stepped foot in OKC, there's a good chance they've taken a picture with the Mayor. Then again, if you go into Whole Foods on a Wednesday morning, you'll probably see Steven Adams buying jugs of whole milk, so it's not that hard to run into a Thunder player.


#8 - Politicians

Of course, as the mayor Holt has had his picture taken with all the councilpeople, city commissioners, and comptrollers. But his feed is also littered with national politicians, including seemingly every candidate who has or will drop out of the Democratic primary:


#7 - Costco Bears

I just thought this one was hilarious for some reason, that's all.


#6 - Kate Bosworth

I honestly barely know who this person is other than being a famous Hollywood actress but I'm assuming that means she's really important to other people? She was in Rules Of Attraction, I saw that one...


#5 - Ed Dwight

He was almost the first black man in space, which is badass on its own, but went on to become an acclaimed sculptor. Dwight may not be a household name, but he seems like an incredible person to meet. Also, a reminder that the mayor is very tall.


#4 - Jesse Eisenberg

This photo counts for double. Not only is the mayor hanging out with a huge Hollywood actor, but by posting the picture he's humblebragging about having courtside seats!


#3 - Bill Nye the Science Guy

He may be an 'Only 90's Kids Remember' person from a clickbait article, but I damn well remember Bill Nye and treasure him. But if Holt met the guy from 'Beakman's World,' I'd be way more impressed. Whatever happened to that rat?


#2 - Steve Martin Short

Two huge legends of comedy that nobody under 30 recognizes, in the same place, at the same time? That's magnificent! For the younger audience, Steve Martin is famous for popularizing a piece of headgear that makes it look like you've been impaled by an arrow, and Martin Short was in a movie you've never heard of called 'Clifford.'


#1 - Guy Fieri

Usually, when I see a celebrity in public I just leave them alone and try to let them have the space to lead a normal life. Guy Fieri, however, is one of the few that I would have to accost for a fistbump and a photo-op. Sure, it's disgusting to watch him sloppily chew on a mac&cheese bison burger on TV, but he's a dude that I would love to share a Bud Lite with.

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