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Markwayne Mullin still too dumb to comprehend his own hypocrisy

Over the past week, Markwayne Mullin – a loyal defender and protector of Eastern Oklahoma hypocrisy and values – has gone on a barnstorming tour across his district to provide "impeachment updates" about our diabolical conman reality star president.

So far, the "updates" have followed a Fox News propaganda playbook designed to rally support for the president from his indoctrinated right-wing base. For example, check out some details from a meeting in Muskogee:

Mullin strayed from the format of prior town hall meetings, presenting slides and videotaped comments made by some of his Democratic colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mullin used the video, which was packaged with a soundtrack, to bolster an argument that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff cannot be trusted...

“When you have a chairman that goes out there and openly misleads the American people, there is a problem with that,” Mullin said. “It is not a question of if he has lied, he has openly admitted that he didn’t tell the truth, not once or twice but multiple times.”

Yeah, you can't trust a man who "openly misleads the American people" and doesn't "tell the truth," says the guy who A) openly mislead Oklahoma voters by reneging on his pledge to only serve three terms in office, and B) supports the lying, cheating, stealing person we know as President Trump.

The fact that Markwayne is such a hypocrite shouldn't be a surprise to Lost Ogle readers.

First of all, the guy's name is Markwayne. I'm pretty sure that's Cherokee for "Kicked In Head By Mule." Expecting him to understand hypocrisy would be like expecting a guy named JoBob to understand nuclear engineering, or how to message his pregnant daughter on Snapchat.

Also, hypocrisy has been a central theme of Markwayne's legislative career. Check out how he opens and closes his most recent newsletter to constituents.

Under the guidance of President Trump, our nation continues to make the world a safer, freer, and more prosperous place. While Pelosi Democrats are busy playing politics on Capitol Hill with secret impeachment proceedings and closed-door hearings, our president is hard at work for the American people. This leadership is what our country and the world needs.

Yeah, who doesn't feel safer, freer and more prosperous with a guy like Donald Trump in charge? Say what you want about Trump, but you can't question his high morals, principles and commitment to do what's right for uneducated white American racists.

Also, why does it feel like every column or editorial written in support of Trump was composed by someone in a windowless solitary confinement cell who just watched a video of themselves being peed on by Russian prostitutes?

Here's more:

With the partisan bickering and the attacks our president faces daily from political foes, important missions like this one could have easily been overlooked and sidelined. Instead, his focus remains on what is good for our country and puts its priorities first.

The House of Representatives should take a page out of his playbook and turn our focus back to the American people. Playing political games only distracts us from improving the lives of everyday Americans.

Yeah, "playing political games only distracts us from improving the lives of everyday Americans," says the guy who's only skill in Washington is to play political games that only distract us.

Anyway, Markwayne's "Go Trump America No Collusion Qui Pro Quibid USA Eagle 1" barnstorming tour concludes today in Durant. I wonder if the people there will greet him like they did President Obama in 2015?

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