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Derplahoman Lawmakers want to name section of Route 66 after Donald Trump

9:35 AM EST on November 6, 2019

In today's edition of "Oklahoman Politicians Do Something Stupid That We Get To Cover," we bring you the tale of two senators who would like to rename a fat chunk of road after a sitting conman president who is facing possible impeachment.

Let's dig into the details from KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Two Republican state senators have written a bill to rename a portion of the world-renowned Route 66 highway in Northeastern Oklahoma to the President Donald J. Trump Highway.

Sens. Nathan Dahm of Broken Arrow and Marty Quinn of Claremore announced Tuesday their plans to introduce the bill.

First things first, let's talk about these two men. We've written about both of them before, which is usually a bad sign.

Nathan Dahm – a gun nut who's been unofficially excommunicated by Senate leadership for swapping out a photo in the Senate chambers with that Kramer photograph – is notable for a lot of really wacky things. Whether he's wanting to ban abortion, increase access to guns or give Oklahoma wildlife to almighty God, he's been a regular on TLO for years.

The bill's co-author is Marty Quinn, a guy who likes to go around to elementary schools and read fairy tales about how oil companies are still the future — enough said about him.

Here's more:

The bill would rename a roughly 13-mile stretch of Route 66 from the town of Miami (my-AM’-uh) extending north and east through the town of Commerce to Industrial Parkway in Ottawa County.

The lawmakers say the bill will direct that no taxpayer money be used to pay for signage. Instead, they say the Senate and House authors and co-authors will be required to provide the money needed for the cost of the signs.

Interesting. You'd think they'd just get Mexico to pay for it.

Anyway, it's never a good idea to name public things after a sitting president, especially when he’s a racist, diabolical conman who brings shame to our country. You should do what "progressive" mayor David Holt did in 2011, and wait until they've been out of office a few years!

But, if you do insist on naming a stretch of highway after a racists, self-promoting megalomaniac trust fund baby who successfully duped stupid people into voting for him, at least have some fun with it. Instead of naming this stretch of the Mother Road the "President Donald J. Trump Highway," they should go with something better like Covfefe Freeway, No Collusion Drive or Grab 'Em By The Parkway."

Anyway, the bowing and fealty the Oklahoma Republican party is performing toward Trump keeps hitting bottoms we didn't even know existed, and their loyalty is all wrapped up like a knot of Xmas lights from three years ago. That being said, it looks like the odds of them renaming a section of RT 66 are slim:

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