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KFOR gives racist “political candidate” media attention he craves

3:19 PM EDT on October 31, 2019

Over the past year or so, we've received a lot of messages asking us to write about this 20-something racist guy:

The guy – who I'm sure probably has a nice collection of Identity Evropa memorabilia – claims he's running for Oklahoma House District 28 in 2020, and has been causing quite a scene on the liberal social media bubble by trolling local politicians, media folks and their followers with his absurd, David Duke-inspired views and opinions on race, immigration and equality.

Instead of writing about the guy, amplifying his bigotry, and giving him what he really wants – attention and publicity – I thought it would be better to just mute him on Twitter and ignore him. Here are two reasons why:

1. The guy's only claim-to-fame is that he plans to run for State House. Outside of that, there's nothing notable or unique about him. He doesn't appear to be active in politics or anything like that. He's just one of the many thousands of white, male racists who call Oklahoma home and share their views on social media. Why should we give him more attention than the other ones? That's not fair.

2. I wasn't sure if he was a real person or a Russian Bot. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Well, apparently the guy is a very real and spectacular racist. KFOR, of course, took the controversy bait and caught up with him to provide the media attention he craves, which I guess means I now have to cover it:

A candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 28 is causing controversy because of his posts on social media.Bubba McBigot, a self-proclaimed American Nationalist, says his platform is America First, even more so than President Donald Trump."To the voters of Oklahoma, if you want a better future and a prosperous future that's not just about GDP and never-ending wars, then vote for me," Wood said.

That's nice. Who doesn't want a better and prosperous future?! That being said, hopefully one of his Proud Boy buddies let's him know that Oklahoma state reps don't have a lot to say about our country's never-ending wars.

Also, I forgot to mention that I'm not going to mention the dude's name in this article or on this site until he actually pays the filing fee to run for public office, so I changed his name to the more fitting Bubba McBigot – a label he can wear with honor at his next Klan meeting.

Here's more:

Many find McBigot's posts to be anti-minority, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBT.McBigot says his primary concern is protecting the First Amendment."I feel if I do nothing, there's a very strong chance the First Amendment won't be here for my son, that they may take his son for something like preventing the spread of whiteness or something," he said.

Wow, we obviously have a constitutional scholar on our hands here! Who can forget that famous section of the First Amendment that prohibits the government from taking white babies in an effort to combat the spread of whiteness. Thank you, Thomas Jefferson and other slave owners, for always putting white babies first! The last thing we want is for "they" – which I assume are Jews, blacks, and other non-whites –  to remove that protection from constitution. That's a logical and very reasonable fear to have, especially if you read The Daily Stormer.

Here's more:

McBigot denies criticism that he's racist and says he just wants the country to prosper."I hope the best for everyone, and it's not racist for white people to take their own side. It's not wrong to be pro-white just like it's not wrong to be pro-black or pro-Asian or pro-Jew. It's not wrong for anyone to be like that, it's natural, and everyone does it," he said.

Yep, he's not a racist. He's just pro-white! He's also not a idiot. He's just pro-dumb!

Originally, I planned on following that ad hominem attack with a nicely-worded paragraph that addressed the flaws in McBigot's thinking, and explained how being "pro-white" in the bizarre manner he describes is, in fact, very, very racist, but then I remembered he's nothing more than a racist troll looking for attention, and that trying to reason with him is a total waste of time. That being said, if you want to give it a shot, feel free. KFOR will let you know how to find him.

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