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No, your kid doesn’t need a lanyard to trick or treat in Nichols Hills

7:59 AM EDT on October 24, 2019


Every kid heard the legends when they were growing up. Whispered about on the playground, they seemed to good to be true, but absolutely believable nonetheless:

"Did you know... that if you go trick'r'treating in Nichols Hills... where all the rich people live... they give out FULL-SIZE candy bars??"

"I heard some of the houses will give you a KING SIZE!"

I guess those myths and legends have made their way to Dorchester Drive. A local Reddit post making the rounds claims that kids will now need city issued badges to trick or treat through the mansions of Nichols Hills:

Naturally, the Reddit post caused quite a stir! The stodgy old money folks are keeping out poor kids. The outrage! But like most things on the Internet today, it was fake news.

After I saw the post yesterday, I checked the official website for the City of Nichols Hills. They have a section about Halloween Safety, but it's all your run-of-the-mill "wear bright colors, have your name written on your underwear, check candy for razor blades" kinda stuff. Then, last night, KFOR filed this report:

From the impressive Christmas lights to rumors of full-sized candy bars for trick or treaters, Nichols Hills has long been known as a holiday destination for many in the metro.

But now a city leader is addressing a rumor that only residents can enjoy the Halloween festivities there.

Nichols Hills Police Chief Steven Cox says most residents get a lot of joy out of the holidays and they don't mind sharing that joy and candy with others.

"Our residents give out awesome candy," said Chief Cox. "I know there's several rumors where people give out full-sized candy bars. That's true."

I think I speak for all trick-or-treaters when I say a good follow-up question would be – "Who specifically gives out full-sized candy bars?" This is important information that must be shared! But what about the lanyards?

But there's one rumor Cox says is not true.

It started with a Reddit post that claims, "Just a friendly reminder that your children must have a resident's lanyard to trick or treat in Nichols Hills."

It went on to say, "If you haven't received your lanyards yet then you don't live in Nichols Hills proper and your kids won't be given treats. Thanks!"

"I think someone that would start a rumor like that and take away the fun from kids at a time of year when they could have fun is absolutely disgusting," said Cox.

So if you've seen this post going around, fear not! You can take your kids to Nichols Hills and fill their plastic pumpkin pails with full-sized Snickers and Reese's Cups all night long. Just don't get caught speeding.

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