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Oklahoma Dispensary Owner Caught Dealing Medical Meth…

Before we talk about the enterprising drug dealer pictured above, I have some pot-related news to share with our loyal readers.

Unless Oklahoma repeals medical marijuana or Mary Fallin launches her own line of specialty bongs – two things that still feel like they could happen any day now – this will (hopefully) be one of the last marijuana-article you ever read on The Lost Ogle.

Well, unless this thing I'm about to discuss in the next paragraph totally fails.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been slowly rolling out our new Oklahoma canna-culture joint, The Happy Ogle. It's our obscure local attempt to get our hands in the 420-boom hitting the state. Go capitalism! The site will feature a new cast of canna-culture focused contributors and cover Oklahoma weed news, reviews, culture, deals, etc., in our patented, hard-to-define TLO style. The site was built by our friend Chris with Eastside Designs, and is being managed by our behind-the-scenes wizard Beth. Follow it on your favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Adult Friend Finder today!

With that blatant ad out-of-the-way, let's talk about Jeffrey Peregrino (pictured above). He was recently busted selling meth to an undercover officer out of a medical marijuana dispensary he owned in the bustling community of Spiro. That makes it medical meth, right?

Via 5 News Online:

The owner of Left Handed Okies, a medical marijuana dispensary in Spiro, Oklahoma, has been arrested after selling meth to undercover Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) agents inside the store. An Emergency Suspension Order has been issued, shutting down the dispensary.

38-year-old Jeffrey Peregrino was booked into the LeFlore County Jail Wednesday (July 24) afternoon where he faces two counts of trafficking methamphetamine.

“On two separate occasions, our undercover Agents have recently purchased meth from the owner of 'Left Handed Okies' dispensary in Spiro. Both of the transactions took place inside the dispensary office,” Mark Woodward, OBN Spokesman said.

Listen. I'm one of those crazy, all-drugs-should-be-decriminalized (but regulated) types, but this guy's an idiot. Not only is meth a dangerous drug, but you have to know that OBN is out there desperately looking for opportunities to make medical marijuana legalization look bad. Just like all the media outlets with their specialty medical marijuana publications, they want to get their little piece of the action, too.

Here's more:

The owner of Left Handed Okies in Shady Point, Oklahoma, Coty Jerrell, says his business has no association with the dispensary in Spiro, they just share a name.

"'Left Handed Okies in Shady Point is 120% against any kind of methamphetamine or opioids, the reason why we got into this industry is to fight this epidemic," Jerrell said.

Jerrell, who owns the rights to the name Left Handed Okies says he is pulling that name from the Spiro location as soon as possible.

For giggles, I checked out the Weedmaps review for Left Handed Okies in Spiro. It has a 4.5-star rating, while the one in Shady Point has 4.2-stars. Instead of changing their name, maybe he should adopt the Spiro business model and get better reviews? Just watch out for OBN undercover officers, and everything should be fine.

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