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HBO’s new Watchmen series is apparently set in Tulsa

3:45 PM EDT on July 25, 2019

Last weekend at Comic Con, HBO dropped the second-trailer for its upcoming series Watchmen. I guess the show takes place in an alternate modern-day world, nearly 30-something years after the acclaimed 1987 graphic novel (and not-so-acclaimed 2009 Zack Snyder film adaptation) concluded.

Since it's the only graphic novel I've ever read, I watched the trailer. To my surprise, it appears the new Watchmen series is primarily set in Tulsa.

Check it out:

That's pretty cool. After being sucked into a Watchmen trailer recap wormhole, I guess the series will focus on race relations, white supremacy, police brutality and all that awful stuff. Considering Tulsa's sad, historic connection to all those issues, it looks like the perfect place for the show!

Anyways, I guess I'd like to congratulate our friends up the Turner Turnpike for scoring this cool get. Although Oklahoma City has better professional sports teams, airports and more hipster-friendly districts, Tulsa has us beat when it comes to making cameos in books, TV shows, music and movies.

For example, Oklahoma City serves as the sitting for Street Outlaws, Sweet Home Oklahoma and Saving Grace, whereas Tulsa has The Outsiders, Friends and now an HBO series. Hell, Charlie Sheen even invented Tulsa in his sleep back when that mattered. Keep up the good work, Tulsa.

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