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7 Regrettable Oklahoma-themed Tattoos…

2:44 PM EDT on July 10, 2019

Oklahoma has a ripe ole history with hate crimes, gangs and horrible decisions. It's unfortunate that the louder bigots can often mute the majority through violence and fear; however some are using their profession to fight back hate with compassion.


An Oklahoma plastic surgeon and his team are hosting an event to remove hateful and gang-related tattoos for free.

Dr. Clinton Webster and his staff at Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons will host the “Erase the Hate OKC” free laser tattoo removal event on July 27.

Honestly, we could spend an entire article praising Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons for their efforts towards a more inclusive culture. Instead, we thought that we could help expand the scope for these professional to help more Oklahomans. TLO has come up with a list of other regrettable tattoos that can hopefully be removed for free...

Kevin Durant

From Oklahoma icon to statewide death-threat receiver, this man has seen the gambit of what this part of the country has to offer- unbridled emotion on either extreme. Now that he's off with the Brooklyn Nets and off his Achilles tendon, Oklahomans can move on and move him off their body.


Local Area Codes

No offense to all the little Ludacrises out there, but nobody cares about whether or not you're from the 405, 918 or the dreaded 580.


Garth Brooks

Is he Garth of Chris? Who knows! Either way, this country music icon turned Dad-bod extraordinaire has place in our hearts, not on our bodies. Rest assured, you won't miss him. After all, he's doing a dive bar tour with Blake Shelton. He'll be by your favorite watering hole to sing "Friends in Low Places" for the millionth time.


Sweet Brown

Literally, aint nobody got time for that.


Native American Headdress

Unless you are full-blooded or mostly Native American, do us all a favor and cover this up. No-one gives a rats ass if you're 1/16th Cherokee. The only exception is Christina Fallin- I want to her to live with the regret of being an idiot.


"Legalize It" pot leaf

There seem to be more dispensaries in Oklahoma than there are McDonald's nowadays. The good news- stoners and freshman English majors have one less thing to ramble about. The bad news- these tattoos are as outdated as Oklahoma's crumbling bridges.


Scissortail Flycatchers

We get it- you're from Oklahoma. Neat bird, dork. Why not get something more emblematic, more unique to Oklahoma. For example, you could get a road covered in potholes, David Boren's grabby hands, or even May Fallin making any of her stupid faces.

Brandon has a fondness for terrible tattoos- just not the hate-crime type. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994

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