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Wayne Coyne has online temper tantrum over bad Braum’s experience…

Although we'll never be accused of being best friends, Wayne Coyne and I actually have a lot a common. For example, we both started graying way earlier than our friends, we’ve both became first-time dads north of 40, and we're both creative geniuses who are internationally recognized and revered in our respected fields.

In addition to that, we both like to complain publicly about our negative experiences at Braum's.

Check out this rant he posted yesterday on social media:

That's kind of funny. I always say, the easiest way to find out if someone is a true Oklahoman is to ask them to rate their worst Braum's moments. If they can't instantly fire off three of them, they're an imposter. Having a nightmare experience at Braum's is a local rite of passage — like singing the BC Clark Jingle or being filmed by the Video Vigilante.

Wayne Coyne, however, wouldn't have to rattle off any whimsical tales about finding glitter confetti in his ice cream cone to get street cred. He and his baby momma have Braum's tattoos...

That being said, I do have to ask Wayne one question– who the hell waits around an hour at Braum's? That sounds as believable as anyone saying they can name one Lips song after War With The Mystics. My general rule at Braum's: If I have to wait for more than 10 minutes for my order, I'm cutting my losses and moving on. If you have to wait that long for food, you probably don't want to eat what they give you.

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