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Oklahoma GOP unveils extremely life-like statue of Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump

12:43 PM EDT on June 19, 2019

To celebrate the launch of President Trump's 2020 re-election terror campaign, the Oklahoma Republican Party unveiled a new statue of our kind, loving and respectful leader being impersonated by Alec Baldwin.

Well, at least I think that's what they are aiming for. Here are details via KFOR:

The Oklahoma Republican Party hosted a reception at the Oklahoma GOP Headquarters in Oklahoma City to unveil a sculpture of President Trump hours before he announced his bid for re-election.The event was made to kick-off Trump's re-election campaign, which he is expected to announce tonight at a rally in Orlando, Florida.The sculpture is titled “The President who Loved America” by Oklahoma sculptor Brenda Angel, Ph.D.

The President who Loved America? That's hysterical. I think a better title would be, "From Russia With Love," but what do I know.

The sculpture has been praised by many in the international art community. The blind lady from Lionel Richie's "Hello" video lauded the work for how closely it resembles the late great Oklahoma City sportscaster Bill Teegins:

RIP Bill. You were the best sports anchor this market has ever seen. Sorry about dragging your name through the mud here.

The Michelangelo behind the sculpture is Dr. Brenda Angel. This may surprise you, but she has no formal art training and is a hardcore evangelical zealot. In fact, she has a resume that would make any Tate Publishing author proud. She is a "Doctor of Naturopathy" and – I'm not making this up – holds a Ph.D in Theology from a university in Nigeria. She also hunts dinosaur bones for something called a "Creation Evidence Museum." Basically, she was the most qualified sculptress the local GOP could find to make the sculpture.

In addition to all that, Brenda claims that one of her sculptures – "Liberty Leads Her People" – was hand-picked by G.W. to be displayed in the White House and is currently housed in the Smithsonian's National Collection. I can't find any evidence or proof to support these claims, but whatever – just like the virgin birth of Jesus or Trump being a great President – I'm sure it's 100% true.

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