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Crazy White Boys find new venue to play shitty, racially charged music…

We have some bad news for fans of racially charged country rap fusion music.

Thanks to negative social media attention, the Crazy White Boy Tour that was supposed to take place at the Farmer's Market on Friday night has been cancelled.

Here are the details via KFOR's Peyton Yager‏:

A local venue decided to cancel a music act after their lyrics sparked controversy. The group known as the “Crazy White Boy Tour” was scheduled to perform at the OKC Farmer’s Market this Friday.

Demun Jones and Adam Calhoun describe their music as a blend of rap with a country twist, but it’s not their sound that’s causing controversy. It’s their racially charged lyrics...

News 4 reached out to the booking company next who told us they were not aware of the group’s views nor do they support them.

Early Wednesday evening the booking company made the decision to cancel the Friday show.

“We can’t allow people who aren’t from here to come in and disrupt what we got going on here,” Jabee said.

I'm not a fan of the PC-movement, but this is a good move by the Farmer's Market. Although I think cancelling the group's concert can have a reverse effect—and further embolden them and their cause by A) giving them more publicity and B) allowing them to play a "Our free speech rights are being oppressed!" victim card—you can't have white trash dudes dancing around on a stage dropping n-word bombs at a nice, welcoming place like the Farmer's Market. Music like that belongs in a more appropriate venue, like the Six Shooter Saloon:

See? That seems like a much more appropriate venue for this type of shitty music.

Anyway, if you planned on going to the show, I'd first like to welcome you to The Lost Ogle. You're going to love us. Second, make sure your Don't Tread On Me shirt is washed and ready to go. You definitely want to dress to impress. Third, I guess the Six Shooter Saloon is 18+ an up, so you'll need to leave the little ones at home in the trailer park.

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