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Drunk Red Dog Dancer Arrested For Hitting Boss In Face With Billiards Ball

Here in a few weeks, a new documentary about the Red Dog Cafe – or Saloon, I'm not sure what it's called anymore – will make its debut at the DeadCenter Film Festival.

I haven't seen the movie, but it apparently focuses on the club's rise during the 1970s oil boom, the colorful characters who worked there, and all the cool diseases they passed around.

If they ever film a sequel, this may be a fun story to include.

Via KOKH FOX 25:

26-year-old Ashley Priola is accused of throwing billiard balls at her former boss after getting fired for showing up to work intoxicated according to police.

Police said they were called to Red Dog Saloon for an assault after an employee was fired and had hit the manager with a billiard ball.

When officer arrived they were told Priola had gone the convenience store in the back room. Police retrieved Priola and brought her back to the scene.

I, admittedly, haven't been to Red Dog since I took Louis there for his legendary food review about the club's spectacular and now defunct kitchen, but when did they get a convenience store in the back? This takes On Cue's expansion across the metro a bit too far.

Here's more:

Manager, Hollie Jones, and a witness, Heather Daugherty, told officers Priola had arrived to work drunk.

Jones said she gave Priola permission to work, dancing on the stage, but she had fallen twice on the stage.

Police were told Jones then fired Priola for coming to work intoxicated.

Once Priola was fired, Jones and Daugherty said Priola grabbed a billiard ball and threw it at Jones hitting her in the face.

They said she then grabbed a second ball and threw it but missed.

First of all, if strip clubs fired every stripper who showed up to work intoxicated, there wouldn't be any strip clubs left in Oklahoma City. Second, give Priola some credit. She has terrific aim! I watched enough drunken fights at Slick Willies in the 1990s to know that hitting a non-stationary target with a billiard ball is more difficult than you think. Having a 50% hit rate is impressive!

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