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Miranda Lambert sings about getting the hell out of Oklahoma…

11:13 AM EDT on April 8, 2019

In some ways, you have to appreciate the irony that Oklahoma's greatest contribution to mainstream American pop culture comes in the form of commercial country music. It's a shitty, boring form of music, and we're a shitty, boring state that's great at producing it. In fact, according to a recent WalletHub report, we now pump out more red dirt road blue jean country music hits than teen pregnancies and hunting accidents combined!

One person who's trying to distance herself from the Oklahoma mobile home and country music scene is Miranda Lambert. Although she spent a few years as an honorary Oklahoman while married to big sexy Blake Shelton, she fled the state like a local college grad looking for a career and future after being dumped for Gwen Stefani and Ole Red. In typical country music fashion, she bragged about it while performing during last night's ACM awards:

Via Huff Post:

Miranda Lambert was at her verse in dissing ex-husband Blake Shelton at Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

The newly remarried country star sang “Little Red Wagon” with a shade-throwing line tweak apparently aimed at Shelton, who attended the event with girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

Lambert changed the lyric “I live in Oklahoma,” where Lambert and Shelton made their home, to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.”

Lambert apparently has adjusted the song in previous performances, but doing it on a nationally televised awards show made it so extra. Shelton and Stefani reportedly left their seats prior to the performance, but they can always watch the replay of the song, originally recorded by Audra Mae.

Here's video:

Yeah, you may have got the hell out of Oklahoma, but considering you're still throwing jabs at someone you split with four years ago, I'd say Oklahoma is still very much a part of you. You're stuck with it forever. Just ask Trisha Yearwood.

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