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Kevin Stitt thinks his tractor’s sexy…

11:11 AM EDT on April 3, 2019

One key component of being governor of Oklahoma is to pander to the folksy, right-wing rural base that got you elected.

Kevin Stitt – the wealthy big city mortgage banker who's probably foreclosed on more farms than he's actually worked on – knows this first hand. Yesterday, as part of Agriculture Day celebrations, he drove a John Deere tractor from the Governor's Mansion to the Capitol.

Check out this photo that says it all:

I've never driven a tractor in my life, and probably never will, but if I did, that's probably the same deer in the tractor lights face I would make.

In addition to pandering to his rural anti-gubmet base by driving a tractor to work (let's hope it never breaks down because repairs could be expensive), Stitt also had his entire staff wear boots to work yesterday...

Just like with tractors, I've never wore a pair of boots in my life, and probably never will, but if I did, they'd probably look like the ones the girl is wearing on the far left. Are those even boots? Are they half boots? Hoots? I'm confused.

Anyway, now that Kevin Stitt drove a tractor to work for Ag Day at the Capitol, you have to wonder what he'll drive for the next Oilfield Prayer Day. Will he pick his Cadillac, Mercedes or King Ranch? Also, what POS will he drive to work for the next Teachers Day? I bet he'd just borrow the woman wearing the half-boots Camry.


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