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Ogle Madness: South Region, Upper Bracket

8:03 AM EDT on March 20, 2019

Welcome to the first round of the South region!

Here are this afternoon's matchups:

(1) Paul George vs. (16) Kevin Stitt's eyebrows
(8) The Franchise vs (9) The Sports Animal
(4) Darci Lynne Farmer vs (13) Joe Exotic
(5) Jesse Jane vs (12) Emily Virgin

We have some stiff competition when it comes Oklahoma icons. Some great, mostly strange. Vote to see who will be the champion

Vote after the jump!

(1) Paul George

Who: Former L.A. Laker turned OKC Thunder player

Biggest Strength: A six-time NBA All-Star Defense

Biggest Weakness: Republican Fundraisers


(16) Kevin Stitt's Eyebrows

Who: Nesting face caterpillars

Biggest Strength: Aggressive enough to destroy his enemies

Biggest Weakness: Keeps Stitt's head too warm for summer



(8) The Franchise

Who: Local sports radio station

Biggest Strength: Broadcasts OU Football games

Biggest Weakness: Andrew Gilman


(9) The Sports Animal

Who: Local sports radio station

Biggest Strength: Broadcasts Thunder games

Biggest Weakness: Regular Jim Traber



(4) Darci Lynne Farmer

Who: America's Got Talent winner

Biggest Strength: Competition-winning ventriloquism

Biggest Weakness: Ventriloquism is only popular with children and serial killers


(13) Joe Exotic

Who: Former tiger zoo operator, aspiring politician, and alleged murder-for-hire conspirator

Biggest Strength: A golden mullet and tiger army

Biggest Weakness: Being broke as shit



(5) Jesse Jane vs (12) Emily Virgin

Who: Adult-film star

Biggest Strength: Oklahoma Sooners fan

Biggest Weakness: Can't handle her liquor


(12) Emily Virgin

Who: Oklahoma House of Representatives Minority Leader

Biggest Strength: Common sense and a good moral compass

Biggest Weakness: Parks and Rec


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