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Ogle Madness: South Region, Lower Bracket

12:40 PM EDT on March 20, 2019

Today is the third day of the end all, be all competition that is Ogle Madness! Cast your vote this afternoon and see who will achieve victory.

Here are this afternoon's matchups:

(6) Abigail Ogle vs. (11) Speaker McCall
(3) OKC Cock Ring vs (14) Kendal Frayer
(7) Battison Honda Girl vs (10) Scott from Scott's Motor Cars
(2) Lincoln Riley vs (15) Mike Stoops

You know you're here for the funny, odd, and somewhat macabre. We are here for your needs, wants and desires!

Vote after the jump!

(6) Abigail Ogle

Who: KOCO co-anchor

Biggest Strength: Career-protected through Ogle Dynasty

Biggest Weakness: Buying Twitter followers under the Ogle Bros. shadow


(11) Speaker McCall

Who: Asshole with a legislative microphone

Biggest Strength: State Capitol metal detectors

Biggest Weakness: Teachers



(3) OKC Cock Ring

Who: The best art Oklahoma City has to offer

Biggest Strength: Perfect photo-ops

Biggest Weakness: The person who thought it was a great idea


(14) Kendal Frayer

Who: Wannabe local Instagram model from the Key

Biggest Strength: Affluence

Biggest Weakness: Augmentation



(7) Battison Honda Girl

Who: Local blonde lady selling shitty cars

Biggest Strength: Outfits too tight to breathe

Biggest Weakness: Reading cue cards


(10) Scott from Scott's Motor Cars

Who: Ed Hardy Bro selling discount cars

Biggest Strength: Aggressive sales pitches

Biggest Weakness: Jersey Shore cast member high on mescaline



(2) Lincoln Riley vs (15) Mike Stoops

Who: The new face of Sooner Football

Biggest Strength: Great offensive strategy

Biggest Weakness: Defense remains trash


(15) Mike Stoops

Who: Former OU Defensive Coordinator coach

Biggest Strength: Letting other teams score

Biggest Weakness: Teaching people how to tackle


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