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ogle madness xii

Here’s your Ogle Madness XII Bracket!!!

1:40 PM EDT on March 17, 2019

After days and days of heavy drinking and gut-wrenching deliberation, The Lost Ogle is excited to unveil the Ogle Madness XII bracket!

For those who are somehow new to the show, Ogle Madness is Oklahoma's number one NCAA basketball-inspired tournament. For the next three weeks, we'll post a series of match-ups, and Lost Ogle readers will vote for who they want to win. The winner of each match advances to the next round, while the loser goes home. We do this until we are left with one champion.

This year's field includes the standard mix of local celebrities, politicians, sports figures, media personalities, news-makers and assholes. Here are the top four seeds in each region. Can any of them unseat defending champion Marla Morgan?

East: (1) Russell Westbrook, (2) Joleen Chaney, (3) Teachers, (4) Slappy McHeehaw
West: (1) Marla Morgan, (2) Lacey Swope, (3) Carrie Underwood, (4) Kevin Stitt
South: (1) Paul George, (2) Lincoln Riley, (3) OKC Cock Ring, (4) Darci Lynn Farmer
North: (1) Emily Sutton, (2) Steven Adams, (3) Kyler Murray, (4) Olivia Munn

You can view the whole bracket and see this year's Cinderellas by clicking the miniature graphic below:

As in years past, you can email us who you think will win this year's tournament at If you pick the correct winner, our friends at Fassler Hall will hook you up with some free sausage and other goodies!

Anyway, this year's tournament tips off tomorrow with games from the East region. As always, be sure to vote early and vote often.

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